Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Therapy

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What is Pediatric Therapy?

A Pediatric Therapist:

  • Works with children ranging from birth to age 21 and their families to reach maximum independent function
  • Promotes active participation in home, school and community environments
  • Is trained to assess the gross motor and sensory functions of children and design an individualized care plan that will emphasize improved functional skills, or prevention of further disability
  • Promotes health and wellness in collaboration with families and other medical, developmental, and educational specialists

Common Pediatric Diagnosis' Evaluated by a Therapist:—

Autism/Spectrum disorders   |   Cerebral Palsy

Torticollis   |   Developmental/Gross Motor Delay

Downs Syndrome   |   Gait abnormalities   |   Genetic Syndromes

Hypotonia   |   Toe walking   |   ADHD/ADD

"Clumsy" motor incoordination | Traumatic and acquired brain injury

Cardiopulmonary conditions

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