Sports Performance Training & Injury Prevention

High Speed Incline Treadmill Training: Through a progression of high-speed, high incline runs, using different techniques to enhance stride length and stride frequency, athletes will enhance running mechanics and increase acceleration, sprint speed, and anaerobic tolerance. The sprint training will take place on a treadmill that reaches speeds of 31 mph and an incline of 40%. Athletes that have graduated from the first program will begin advanced training using the Vertimax in conjunction with our High Speed Treadmill.

Retro-Grade and Lateral Speed Training: Harness aided lateral and retro movements on the treadmill will enhance an athlete's hip strength, aiding in injury prevention of the lower extremities.  This repetitive lateral movement will also increase an athlete's ability to change directions effectively on the playing field as well as allowing athlete to react quicker to an opponent's movement.

Flexibility: Range-of-motion exercises will take an athlete's flexibility to a new level. The flexibility techniques are designed to ensure long-term joint integrity and maximize range of motion as well as decrease risk of injury.

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