Bone Density, A Leading Technology

Bone Density

Saunders Medical Center has the latest technology in bone density testing. Dual energy X-Ray absorption (DEXA) is used to measure bone strength and density and to assess the probability of a bone fracture occurring in the future. It is a simple, painless test that uses minimal radiation and computer assistance to acquire bone density data.

DEXA is used to diagnose osteoporosis and to monitor potential bone weakening effects of corticosteroid use.

Should You Schedule a Screening?
It is recommended that all women age 65 or above have a bone density screening every one to two years. For men and women with any of the risk factors mentioned below, screening should be done at the discretion of their physician. We are proud to provide the highest standard of care with specially trained and experienced Radiologists, technologists, and state of the art equipment.

Osteoporosis risk factors include:
• Family history of fractures
• Estrogen use at an early age
• Low body weight
• Low calcium intake
• Use of tobacco
• Caffeine intake
• Oral contraceptive use
• Consumption of two or more alcoholic drinks daily