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Health Coaching Helped Marilyn Achieve Her Goals!

Marilyn Larson was frustrated. She had issues with her thyroid and she wanted to lose weight. She had tried several weight loss options before, but Saunders Medical Center's Health Coaches were the solution that worked for her: She lost 32 lbs and is still working at it!

"I worked with Ansley (my health coach) and she was a great encouragement to clean up my diet. I come in every two weeks and talk to her on the phone in between my face-to-face meetings. Each meeting lasts about 20 minutes. I am now able to cut back on meds I don't need anymore. I have reduced my sodium intake. I am eating more healthy. I am doing home exercises every other day. And Ansley is a great encouragement to me all the time!"

—Marilyn Larson


Marilyn had hip surgery over three years ago. Her back and knees were bothering her. Her preferred exercise is walking and she started simply with walking to the end of the lane and back. Now she takes the stairs when she can because the reduced weight has reduced her knee pains. Still, she says the hardest part is getting out the door. "But, with my health coach holding me accountable I do it. I walk. When I call in I report my weight and my walking exercises and eating, Ansley asks what could you do better? What are your goals now? This was encouraging me to keep it up. She is a great encourager." 

When I hit a plateau
"My health coach explains that this happens. She tells me to stay strong and it will come off. It has!" Larson said.

When I am tempted by food
"I don't feel good when I eat a lot. I think of how I feel. I try to only eat when I am hungry and I have stopped eating all on my plate. Often I turn to Christ before food. I think of my health coach and I make better decisions," Larson said.

Working with my Doctors
The health coach informed her physician of her weight loss. Her doctor recommended a reduction in her blood pressure medication. "They work together to make those recommendations! And my doctor is thrilled at my success and keeping in touch with my health coach," Larson said.

Why is a Health Coach Different?
"It is more formal and I'm going someplace. I have tried things before, but Ansley is a nurse helping me and that helps. The encouragement is great! There is no charge for their services since I doctor there. And, they work in conjunction with my doctor. They work hand in hand."

"I told my friends about it. They were interested when they started to see my success. I highly recommend to anyone. It is a great service that Saunders Medical Center offers and I greatly appreciate it!"

Congratulations Marilyn from all of us at Saunders Medical Center! 

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