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What is an ultrasound?
An ultrasound, also called a sonogram, uses sound waves to create images of tissue, organs and blood vessels. Ultrasounds can assess internal organs for pathologies and image the blood flow through vessels. Ultrasounds are used to detect abnormalities of internal structures and organs.
Types of ultrasound include: abdomen, breasts, pelvic, genital/urinary tract, thyroid and vascular system.

Patient Instructions
You may be required to fast for a certain amount of time. Please check with your doctor's office regarding specific instructions.

You may need to drink 4-5 glasses (32oz) of water prior to your appointment to fill your bladder. This is required for pelvic and obstetrical ultrasounds.

What to Expect
A gel-like substance will be spread on the part of the body to be imaged. The transducer, the part of the machine that transmits the sound waves, will be moved over the area. The computer then creates a picture of the imaged area onto a monitor.