Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Multiple Treatment Options Available

Helping families to create life plans to manage MS

What can you expect from an appointment with the MS Clinic at Saunders Medical Center? 
Hope and a Treatment Plan! 

Working with hundreds of individuals for several years, we take time with you to understand the disease, what causes it and how to live with it. 

Many are affected during the prime of life age 19-54. They are loving their career and taking care of their family. MS affects the entire family, not just the individual so it is common to meet with the family too!

We educate and empower our patients to be able to live their best life.

There are over 20 different treatment options available today! It is important to make an educated plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. Treatment can also prevent further problems. 

If lab work, an MRI, Infusion or physical therapy is needed—it is all right here in the same facility. We also have a social worker to assist the family in finding programs for meds, home health care, etc.

We give hope. And solutions. 

MS Symptom Management

Infusion Therapy

Aaron Bartek, NP-C (left) visits with two of his patients. Some patients receive infusion treatments. These treatments are in the comforts of a full-sized room with a television, recliner, desk, and more. There is plenty of room for the family if desired.

SMC's MS Clinic created individualized plans for treatment to manage your symptoms.