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Baclofen & Lioresal® Pump Management in Wahoo, Nebraska

Baclofen & Lioresal Pump Management in Wahoo, Nebraska

Baclofen®, or Lioresal®, is used to treat severe spasticity associated with multiple neurological conditions. Many people describe muscle spasticity as stiff and tight muscles, muscles that lock or even have uncontrollable jerking; all of these things make movement difficult.

Intrathecal Baclofen® Therapy is used to deliver medication into the fluid around your spinal cord (intrathecal space) through a pump that has been surgically placed in the abdomen and a small tube that runs into your spinal fluid. Often times when using the pump versus oral medication there are fewer side effects. When the pump is placed your doctor will set a specific amount of medication to be delivered through this system. Initially, the pump may need frequent adjustments to find the dose that benefits you the most while avoiding side effects.

Our providers at SMC's MS Clinic can adjust your Baclofen® pump for you once it has been implanted as well as refill the pump when needed, usually about every 3-6 months. Our providers will not implant the pump or do the trial run that is needed to have a pump. Both of our providers, Melissa and Abby, are able to adjust and refill your pump for you. Our office can refer you to a provider that is able to implant the pump if you and your MS provider determine that is the best option.