Dr. Newburn helps Hailey heal after zip-lining accident

I met Dr. Newburn at an appointment and then again at the Dr. Seuss Breakfast at Wahoo Elementary. We sat together! Then this summer I was involved in a zip-lining accident out west at a family farm. I don't remember much but was pretty low to the ground. I am doing so much better now and Dr. Newburn has helped me heal fast!

According to mom Tracy Pfligler, "kids do heal fast!" And they have been impressed with their care with Dr. Hank Newburn. At today's appointment Hailey was able to remove the sling! Dr. Newburn will continue to monitor the fracture on Hailey's proximal humerus. 

Thank you Hailey & Tracy for choosing Saunders Medical Center! Cheers to no more broken bones: Be Well.