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Is Giving Rocket Science? 

I was in an occupation where I worked with people estate planning. I found so many people who never have been encouraged to make gifts outside their immediate family. And as I think about it, I think each one of us when we came into this world there were all kinds of things already built—roads, schools, hospitals and all kinds of facilities we made use of our entire life. But somebody else paid for it.  So I think It behooves every one of us to put something back. We've all enjoyed the gifts from other people. And I think it's time we leave something so that we work on, we've left something that lives on and helps other people live a better life and a happier life. I don't think it is rocket science. I think it lets that person give something that will be of benefit to a community and in some cases a certain group of people. We need to learn how to give and feel good about it. 

Saunders Medical Center Foundation Supporter