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One Woman's Story: Our Own Chrissy Schrimer, In Her Words

A bump on my rib bone. That’s all I thought it was. I didn’t have a family history. I never thought it would happen to me. I really didn’t have any symptoms that go along with breast cancer. All I had was a lump on my bone above my breast. It wasn’t sore. But my daughter and fiancé Ron encouraged I get it checked it out,      so I did. 

Nathan Kotera, PA-C always told me not to worry. He said, “Let’s just get the information and go from there. It is probably just a cyst.”

They had just installed updated technology – I was sure glad of that! So I had a mammogram here at SMC and it showed smaller lumps around a larger lump. You could see more with this new technology. So then Nate scheduled an ultrasound then a biopsy...they came out from Omaha to SMC. It was great to have the biopsy completed here at SMC, around people who knew me and cared for me. 

I was never alone – between my fiancé Ron to my best friend to my daughters and son. They always were there for me. 

So many of my services I received right here in town at Saunders Medical Center: Echocardiograms every 3 months – are all done here. I have injections and treatments for osteoporosis, a side effect from the chemo – they do that here too! Having it so close to home really helped.

My Caregiver   “Dr. Nate” is awesome! The news came so fast and he had me taken care of so quickly. He pushed me through the system fast. I would never consider going anywhere else other than SMC. He always said: It’s not time to worry! 

That smile! He is always asking “How are you doing?” He still does that to this day – he will catch me in the hallways…even after one year of being cancer free he is still making sure I am doing all right!

Chrissy’s Recommendations  There is no excuse for women to not have a mammogram as there are so many resources that help pay for the services. And if it is cancerous there are great resources out there too – some organizations paid for gas cards for my travels to doctor appointments; others paid for my medical expense to cover my deductible.

Chrissy appreciates life more after this experience and truly encourages all:

Get your mammogram. Every year. There is no reason why women should have breast cancer. Just get your mammogram!