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Seeking Infusions As Part of Your MS Treatment Plan?

SMC Provides Medical Care for Multiple Sclerosis Patients at the Infusion Center

A range of therapies is available to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). Infusion is a very common method of delivering MS medications. Saunders Medical Center's Infusion Center provides a serene confidential medical treatment arena for your comfort. 

Therapies for Relapses

Some patients with a relapsing-remitting form of MS may experience exacerbations of their disease requiring specialized treatment.  A relapse involves a worsening or recurrence of existing symptoms and may also involve new symptoms.  Relapses can last from a few days to a few months, followed by complete or partial recovery, called remission.

When an exacerbation requires treatment, a course of high dose steroids is given intravenously over three to five days. The purpose of the steroid treatment is to reduce inflammation in the central nervous symptoms to shorten the severity and duration of the exacerbation. This treatment can be completed at the infusion center at Saunders Medical Center. 

Types of Infusions

One category infusion treatments for MS can involve infusion is disease-modifying therapies, which help slow MS activity and progression. Another category is therapies for relapses, which help control flare-ups. They can reduce the severity and length of a relapse, and help patients manage their symptoms.

New medications are always being introduced as a treatment for MS. It is best to create a partnership with a medical professional team to create your treatment plan. 


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