MS Clinic Team

Alicia Haun | Helping Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Wahoo, Nebraska

Helping Multiple Sclerosis Patients in the Midwest


I am excited to be raising our young family in my hometown! It is great to support my community through my work at SMC. The MS patients are great to work with!

—Alicia Haun, RN, BSN 

Alicia Haun, RN, BSN

Alicia graduated from Clarkson College with her Bachelor's in Nursing in 2018. 

Specialty Area
Alicia has worked in a variety of areas of health care. She started her career in the Cardiovascular ICU at CUMC Bergan Mercy. She moved back to Wahoo and joined SMC in the inpatient, infusion, and emergency departments. In 2022 she joined the MS Clinic team.

Personal Life
Alicia grew up in Wahoo and always knew she would return to her hometown after her schooling. After having their first daughter in 2021, Alicia and her husband Justin decided it was time to move back home closer to family. In 2022, they welcomed a baby boy into their family!

She enjoys time with her family and three cats. She also loves to cook and watch Netflix. 


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