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Skilled Nursing Care—

The Best Possible Medical Care 

Providing you with the best possible medical care in our nursing home, is a team of care givers directed by Nichola and Nicole. Learn a little more about them and their standard of care:


Nichola Kugel, RN
Director of Nursing - Long Term Care
Saunders Medical Center

Nichola Kugel, RN  |  Director of Nursing
Saunders Medical Center Long Term Care nursing home

Growing up in Weston, Nebraska, Nichola now lives in Wahoo. She is married to Cohen who works for Bullock Brothers construction and loves being a mom to their daughter. Working in the medical field has been all around her as she was growing up: BOTH her mother and father worked as nurses! Taking care of people was natural for her. 

Starting at Saunders Medical Center in 2010 as a LPN, Nichola completed her education as an RN.

"I love working where you already know a lot of people that you care for! It is great to further build those relationships with people in your community. 

"It is a great reward to me to make a resident happy! You know you chose the right career when you can do that!

"I love our caliber of nurses that we have at Saunders Medical Center—we also have great compassion here!"

My Family Has Personally used SMC's Nursing Home

My great aunt was from Kansas City, and then lived in an independent care facility in Lincoln. Now that she needs the extra care, our family chose Saunders Medical Center Long Term Care facility and nursing home.

"I knew the quality of care she would get here, so it was an easy choice for the family!"

Nicole Kavan, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing - Long Term Care
Saunders Medical Center

Nicole Kavan, RN  |  Assistant Director of Nursing
Saunders Medical Center Long Term Care nursing home

Growing up in Valparaiso, Nebraska and attending Raymond Central High School, Nicole now lives in Cedar Bluffs on a farm. She is married to Justin who is a farmer and loves being a mom! (They have one active toddler, they sadly lost one child hours after birth in 2015 and they are expecting a baby this spring!) 

With several family members in the medical field, nursing was a natural choice after realizing that Nebraska's opportunities for a marine biologist were limited. Starting at Saunders Medical Center in 2005 as a LPN, Nicole then completed her education as an RN. She worked as a charge nurse and eventually to her current position as Assistant Director at the nursing home in Saunders Medical Center.

"We are a 60 bed small facility nursing home...that allows us to have individualized care plans. Our nursing staff meets daily to ensure we are meeting our resident's needs and evaluate any changes. If physicians are needed for additional care, they are just a call away. 

"I love our location on the edge of town — it is peaceful like our home farm!

"It is also great to work in a facility that you know some of the residents personally before they came....we get to know them and their family even better when they come to live here at the nursing home."

Nursing Staff from Your Neighborhood

It is great to see a familiar face, especially when moving to a nursing home. We have nursing staff from all over and we look forward to providing you the best possible medical care! But more then that, personal care as if neighbors....or even family!

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