Meet our Surgical Staff

Renee Stuhr, ST

Renee Stuhr, ST

I love the 1:1 patient care we can give our patients before, during and after surgical procedures.

"Wahoo is very lucky to have a facility like SMC to offer the services we do close to home, it’s easy to drive to Omaha and Lincoln, but we don’t need to. We get excellent care right here in Saunders County.

I am really glad I made the decision to work here at SMC, I love the 1:1 patient care we can give our patients before, during and after surgical procedures.

I am very thankful for the nurses that I work with. SMC is very lucky that these nurses chose to leave larger facilities to come and share their talent in a small town.

Thanks SMC for all you do in caring for our neighbors!"

Knowing Patients & Providing Personalized Care

Renee continues her story: "SMC is a great place to work, I work with a great nursing staff who have great nursing experience. I enjoy working with the doctors in the Specialty Clinics and it’s nice to have a connection with the patient’s in the clinic before we do a surgical procedure on them. I think that helps to create comfort in knowing your operating room staff. Surgery can be a stressful time for the patient, but I feel we help to ease that comfort by having seen them in clinic. We know what their needs are and can help them feel right at home."

Graduating from Southeast Community College in Lincoln in 1992, my first job was at Butler County Health Care Center in David City, (my home town) where I worked for 2 years before moving to Omaha after getting married. In my 24 years as a Surgical Technologist I have gained much experience through the different hospitals and clinics I have worked at. I have worked for an Oral Surgeon, an OB/GYN, and St. Francis Medical Center in Grand Island for 3 years before moving to Wahoo where we now call home. I was employed by the surgeons at the Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital for 11 years before coming to Saunders Medical Center.

I have been married to Kevin for over 20 years and we have four children who attend Bishop Neumann and St. Wenceslaus Schools. I enjoy attending my kids activities, reading and gardening.

I look forward to caring for you in our superb surgery department!