Family Clinic

Telehealth Appointment Options

Providing access to your local, trusted providers thru Telehealth

During this pandemic, Saunders Medical Center is providing you access to your local, trusted providers through telehealth.

We hope that this interactive, personable and patient-focused approach will allow you the best possible care during this time of social distancing. 

Today, there are several and various technologies used to support and enhance care being delivered to patients who are at a distance from their provider. It is possible that these patients are located in a different community, or just across town, but the care is being provided to the patient when and where they need it. 

It’s the same as Skype©…right? No. While the general technology concept used for Skype© services is similar to what is used for telehealth services, it is important to understand that when considering using this technology for health-related services, there are several additional considerations (licensure, credentialing, security, protect your privacy, billing, etc.) that must be anticipated. 

Please call 402 443-4191 during regular office hours and ask to make a telehealth appointment.


At the Time of Your Scheduled Telehealth Appointment

  • Your provider will send you an invitation to join them via email or text message through a service called
  • You will then click on the link and when your provider is ready they will join you by video.
  • The latest pandemic relief package has allowed this type of visit to occur and be billed to your insurance company.