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My Medical Home: Saunders Medical Center

We appreciate you choosing Saunders Medical Center for your healthcare needs! As a Patient Centered Medical Home we believe that the focus of care should be on the patient and their relationship with the healthcare team.

What is a Medical Home?

A Medical Home is called a "home" because we would like it to be the first place you think of for all your medical needs. Much like a home, the goal is to make it easy and comfortable for you to get the care you need, in a way that works best for you. Within our home, a partnership develops between the patient and their healthcare team in order to coordinate the services you need and to provide you with the best care possible. The focus is on you.

As your Primary Care Provider, we pledge to:

  • Be available to you during and after regular business hours for your care needs.
  • Explain diseases, treatments and results in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Learn all about you, your history, your care preferences and your health goals.
  • Keep treatments, discussions and records private.
  • Provide instructions on how to meet your healthcare needs after hours.
  • Give you clear directions about treatments and medications.
  • Listen to your questions and concerns to help you make decisions about your care.
  • Provide optimal care based on nationally researched clinical protocols.
  • Communicate: test results in a timely fashion, information about alternative services to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and updates on vaccines and screenings.
  • Send you to trusted experts if needed and coordinate with those experts about your care.
  • End every visit with clear instructions about expectations, treatments and future plans.

We trust you, as our patient, to:

  • Know that you are a full partner in your care; ask questions and share your feelings.
  • Be honest about your history, symptoms and other important information.
  • Prepare for and keep scheduled appointments or reschedule as early as possible.
  • Let us know when you have seen another healthcare provider and you as a patient will let us know all medications, tests and procedures that the other provider has ordered, so we can properly coordinate your care.
  • Make healthy decisions about your daily habits and lifestyle.
  • Learn about and understand your condition.
  • Follow the plan you and your physician agreed upon, including taking medications as directed.
  • Call your provider first with all problems, unless it is a medical emergency.
  • Sign up for the SMC patient portal to access your medical information to easily communicate with your care team.
  • End every visit with a clear understanding of your physician’s expectations, treatment goals and future plans.
  • Give us feedback to help us improve our care for you.

Your Medical Home can be a way for you to be informed about and involved in your healthcare decisions. The Medical Home can bring you, your family and your healthcare team together to help you make the best choices about your health.

Remember that you and your health are at the center of your Medical Home team. Saunders Medical Center looks forward to serving you and your families’ healthcare needs.


The Saunders Medical Center Clinic HealthCare Team

After Hours: Please contact Saunders Medical Center care line at 402-443-1448 after hours and a member of our team will be contacted to help address your needs.