Saunders Medical Center wants you to Be Well! 

  • Progressive facility with the latest technology
  • Passionate employees that care for you as family
  • FREE Health Coaches available to help you achieve your health goals
  • Dedicated physicians and physician assistants seeking the best for you and your family


  • Physicals are important in all stages of life to create baselines so changes can be detected. It is recommended to have a physical each year and is generally covered by insurance to promote wellness.
  • Sports Physicals are offered throughout the summer, but available anytime.

Concussion Safety & Testing  Concussions are am important topic for athletes. Baseline testing takes place at the school. When there is a suspected concussion, see your provider as soon as possible. We have three physicians certified in the Nebraska Sports Concussion Network. An office visit is the only charge for the testing. For more information see or call us at 402 443-4191.