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Emergency Preparedness

COVID-19 Pandemic Communications in 2020

The Saunders Medical Center Emergency Preparedness team is working with Three Rivers Public Health Department and other community partners during the Covid-19 Pandemic to keep our community healthy and safe.  We strive to give you the most up to date information as possible. 

A community-wide drill will not be held in the Fall of 2020. 

For more information or questions please see SMC's COVID-19 PANDEMIC COMMUNICATION page that includes videos from our providers with important news and additional healthcare website links, Three Rivers Public Health Department's Coronavirus Updates for local health department updates, or email wecare@smcne.com

Saunders Medical Center plans and prepares for disaster

Because your safety is a priority, a team at Saunders Medical Center partners with community fire departments and organizations to make sure our community and facility are prepared for disasters. The main goal of this initiative is to have plans in place in order to care for our community when emergencies arise. 

Saunders Medical Center is a critical participant in the disaster medical response system for Saunders County and works collaboratively with local government, Emergency Medical Services, Three Rivers Health Department and other agencies to plan, prepare for and respond to the needs of victims of disaster, bioterrorism and public health emergencies.  Hospital preparedness is a priority for Saunders Medical Center as well as a key focus of regulatory and accrediting agencies.

Community Drills for Emergency Preparedness Team

Full Scale Drills involve the Community. We want you to Be Well!

Community participation is vital for the planning, preparation and response to disasters and public health emergencies. Our hospital performs monthly educational drills as well as an annual Full Scale Community Drill. 

One example of our team in action is creating drills to prepare for emergency events and create a logistical plan for caring for our community during a crisis. Here are some details from the 2017 Full Scale Community tornado drill:

This drill took place in 2017. We will keep you posted of upcoming community drills.