Preparing for a Surgical Procedure 

​Your doctor requests that you use Dial Soap (bar or liquid) both the night before your procedure and the morning of the procedure. The soap can be purchased at your local retailer or it was provided. This is very important to help prevent infection both during and after the procedure. 

  • The night before surgery, please place freshly washed sheets on your bed. Also, be sure to have a freshly laundered pair of pajamas to wear after your shower/bath. 
  • Don't sleep with any pets the night before surgery.
  • If the sheets or pajamas get soiled, please replace them with a new laundered set. 
  • Don't shave around the surgery site for at least 48 hours (2days) prior to surgery. Shaving may create tiny cuts in the skin which increases susceptibility to infections. The surgery nurses may have to shave the surgical site with special clippers before the procedure, depending on the type of procedure and area affected. 

Washing Instructions

  1. Wash your hair with your own shampoo before beginning the instructions provided.
  2. With the provided Dial Soap Bar: Place the soap on a clean washcloth and get it wet. 
  3. Turn off the water to avoid rinsing off the soap too soon. 
  4. In the show or bath, take the washcloth and wash from the neck down—concentrating on the surgical site area. Do not scrub the skin too hard. 
  5. Wash for about five minutes before rinsing. 
  6. For the morning scrub, use a clean washcloth. 
  7. Don't use your regular soap after washing with Dial Soap. 

Pat dry the surgical area and then dry off the rest of your body using a clean towel each time. 

Don't use any lotions or body sprays after applying the Dial Soap. 


Morning of surgery: Repeat the above instructions Washing Instructions using a new washcloth/towels and put on clean, loose fitting clothes (i.e. sweat pants, track shorts).