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Healthcare | First Responders

Healthcare | First Responders

Resources ARE Available for Our First Responders and Healthcare Workers. 

Nebraska Nursing Roundtable: Mental and Behavioral Health Care Webinar Series

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

BHECN Serenity Project These are brief YOGA and Wellness Videos that can be accessed on-demand for stress management and self-care.

Core Topics Webinar Series 2020 Presentations have free CEU Credits; 2019 and 2018 presentations are available without CEU Credits. There are a number of topics webinars that staff can access at their convenience (e.g., Risk & Protective Factors in Child Mental Health; Counseling Farmers & Ranchers both in 2020):

Mid-America Mental Health Technology Transfer Institute from Munroe-Meyer Institute at UNMC
There are tons of resources on this site:

Child-Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing Conference This conference was sponsored by UNMC College of Nursing. There is a fee for CEU credits for these four presentations: Risk & Protective Factors in Child/Adolescent Mental Health; Depression/Anxiety and Self-Harm in Children/Adolescents; Substance Misuse/Addictions in Children/Adolescents and Building Resilience in Children and Adolescents to Promote Mental Health). This is the CON CNE website, then scroll down to find the Conference, at: