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Steps to Apply

1. Applicant must complete the Saunders Medical Center Foundation Scholarship Application Form and submit a completed application package by the first Monday in April.

2. Online Application must include:

a) A student typed essay detailing why he/she is interested in going to the medical field, which medical services the student plans to pursue, and how this might help him/her in the pursuit of his/her lifetime career. Email to

b) A copy of your most recent transcript emailed to

c) Online Application completed and "signed." (By uploading and submitting the ap electronically this is your signature.)

3. Completed applications must be uploaded/delivered to Candi Johnston at Saunders Medical Center before 3:30 p.m. on the first Monday in April. No applications will be accepted after that time.

The Saunders Medical Center Foundation and the Scholarship Committee shall not in any manner base scholarship recipients upon a person’s race, religion, sex or employment status.