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Scholarship Details

• The foundation will name the scholarship winners.
• Up to (4) $1500.00 scholarships will be awarded. (Three for high school seniors and one scholarship for college student.) (NOTE: In 2023 there are additional funds for one additional $1500 scholarship.)
• Scholarship funds are proceeds from Foundation events.

The following shall be the manner and timing of the distribution of the scholarship funds:

A) The distribution for each recipient shall be made only upon successful completion of the recipient’s next semester in college. The scholarship ends in one year.

B) Should the student not do satisfactory work, as determined by the institution being attended, the scholarship will terminate and remaining funds held in the recipient’s account shall revert to the Scholarship Fund assets. A student may file for hardship if forced to withdraw from school due to medical reasons or self or immediate family. If re-enrollment occurs within one (1) year, the scholarship can continue. If the student has not re-enrolled within one (1) year, the scholarship will revert back to the Scholarship Fund.

C) An alternate may be selected to receive the scholarship in the event that the original recipient withdraws from school during the first semester or does not enroll for the following semester.

D) In the event of a tie between applicants the scholarship will be split between the tied candidates.

E) Funds are to be applied toward tuition, books, lab fees, board and room.

F) All scholarship funds shall be distributed with both the student’s name and the post secondary institution’s name on the check given to the recipient.