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Visitor Policy During Pandemic

Visitor Policy During Pandemic

·  One visitor per day is allowed to visit hospital patients (includes admitted surgical patients) from 12-5pm. The one visitor is allowed the entire 5 hours and is required to wear a mask.

· Emergency Department patients are allowed one visitor. The visitor must wear a mask.

· Patients in the hospital that are in the end of life are not restricted to the above requirements.

· Clinic and Outpatient Surgery (surgical patients that go home after surgery) have not changed their policy. These patients are allowed one visitor if they are a minor, confused, and/or need assistance.  

· If a patient is adamant about needing a 2nd person with them due to anxiety, fear, mobility issues, etc, please use your discretion and allow them to be with the patient or talk with your manager/director.

·  LTC will send out specific updates for the residents as they work through the phases of allowing visitors.