EDGE Wellness

Wellness Exercise Program

No matter where you are at in your Wellness journey, or what you want to accomplish, we have a program that's right for you!  Have fun and learn healthy habits while achieving your health and wellness goals.

Sign up for an effective 8-week SMC Wellness Program that has options to fit your busy schedule!

The program includes a comprehensive fitness check at the beginning of the program, 8 weeks of exercise activities 3 days per week, and another fitness check at the end of the program to track your progress.

Discover ways to reduce stress, manage weight, enhance fitness, make healthier choices and feel great.

The entire 8-week session is only $100 -- that's less than $5 per session! (SMC employees are offered a discount!)

If you are like many of us, your New Year's Resolution has something to with living a healthier lifestyle.  What better way to kick that off than with 8-weeks of an exercise program that'll challenge you and help you to for a habit of a healthier lifestyle!  

The next 8-week session begins...

September 11, 2017!

Upcoming session start dates:

November 13, 2017

(402) 443-1452

Session Hours

Day Hours
Monday 5:00 & 6:00 AM & PM
Tuesday 5:00 & 6:00 AM & PM
Wednesday 5:00 & 6:00 AM & PM
Thursday 5:00 & 6:00 AM & PM
Friday 5:00 & 6:00 AM & PM
Saturday 7:30 AM & 8:30 AM