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Saunders Medical Center's nursing home Long Term Care is a 60 occupant facility with direct access to the hospital, family clinic, surgical center, CT | MRI, therapy services and much more. 

The Best Care
We pride ourselves on providing the very best care—the care we would want for our mom and dad or loved one! We are a not-for-profit facility with nurses, providers and staff dedicated to Caring for You in your new home. Want more info?

A Connected Facility Nursing Home with Heart!

Quality Care....As If Family

At our nursing home "Saunders Medical Center Long Term Care," you’ll find ‘round-the-clock nursing home care provided by professional registered and licensed practical nurses, medication aides and certified nursing assistants whose mission is to care for you like family. SMC’s nursing home residence offers individualized services to address each resident’s physical, mental and spiritual health. The caring and highly-skilled Saunders Medical Center staff is experienced in geriatric  and dementia care to assure care that is most responsive to your particular needs.

Providing accessible and affordable health care with the
level of quality and compassion that we want for our own families. 

One Unique Thing We Do
We match staff and resident personalities—and we keep them together! Rotating nurses used to be the norm. We get to know you and your family. We know what your routine is like and what you like to eat when. We do our best to care for you as family. 

Caring may be what nurses are all about—but here it is so much more! We can't wait to meet you!

Nationally known speaker Joyce Simard will be speaking and providing training on a variety of subjects, including hospice care, bereavement, comfort care, and activity for people with all stages of dementia.
Continuously improving the quality of life for our residents, we want to increase family involvement and create many positive outcomes by implementing Namaste Care at Saunders Medical Center. Joyce’s passion for our seniors will help us to lovingly provide care for those facing advanced dementia.
Read more at http://www.namastecare.com/

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